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Dentistry Clinic de La Cruz Guatemala

About Clinica de La Cruz Guatemala & Antigua

Jorge H. De La Cruz

Colegiado #318.

  • Graduated from San Carlos University in Guatemala City 1969
  • Private practice in Antigua Guatemala for over 40 years
  • Active member of the Guatemalan Dental College
  • One of the first dentists in town still in practice.

Jorge E. De La Cruz

Colegiado #1491.

  • Graduated from Francisco Marroquin University in Guatemala City 1993
  • Postgraduate program in Eastman Dental Center, Rochester New York 2001.
  • Member of the American Prosthodontic Society.
  • Professor in Francisco Marroquin University Restorative department.
  • Active member of the Guatemalan Dental College.


  • University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Francisco Marroquin University Guatemala
  • American Prosthodontic Society


We are specialists working with State of the Art Technology

A specialty is an area of dentistry that has been formally recognized as it meets the specified requirements for recognition of Dental Specialists. The responsibilities of the different areas of specialization, the special requirements and other information can be found here in Dental Specialties.

Our Dental Specialties are recognized to protect the public, nurture the art and science of dentistry, and improve the quality of care. It is our belief at ‘Clinicas de La Cruz’ that the needs of the public are best served if the profession is oriented primarily to general practice. Specialties are recognized in those areas where advanced knowledge and skills are essential to maintain or restore oral health.


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