Dr. Jorge E. De La Cruz D.D.S., P.C.

(University of Rochester, NY, USA.)


Dr. Jorge H. De La Cruz D.D.S.

(San Carlos University Guatemala)

Over 40 year experience

Francisco Marroquin University

Member of the American Prosthodontic Society

University of Rochester Medical Center


Clinica Dental Bioseguridad

The safety of our patients is very important
to us at the dental clinic.

Clinica Dental Bioseguridad

At Clinicas De La Cruz Guatemala we apply high standards and careful first world biosafety protocols. In all of our dental clinics in Guatemala we have specialized personnel who ensure compliance with all protocols.

dr De La Cruz Guatemala
Clinica Dental Protocolo Pandemia

At Clinicas De La Cruz we use specific protocols that the Guatemalan Ministry of Health has recommended to health professionals for the proper approach to coronavirus, including heat sterilization, chemical disinfectants, and ultraviolet germicide.

Dental implants

These help you recover lost teeth, the implant is one of the most appropriate solutions to replace lost or heavily damaged tooth.

Dental Cosmetics

A combination of carefully selected procedures used to restore, style, and enhance a healthy and bright smile to last for long.

Dental Crowns

Zirconia crowns are used to restore the tooth, made of a strong material that covers the portion of the tooth to the margin of the gum.

Dental Restoration

We use specialized dental methods in diagnosis with the latest technology, treatments such as crowns, bridges and complete rehabilitation.

Digital Dentistry Guatemala

The application of digital technology in dentistry improves the fit of dental prostheses, reduces dental treatment times and gives our patients greater comfort. Speed and precision are some of the main benefits of digital dentistry. Innovation and technological development continue to mark the evolution of dental treatments, from digital flow, guided dental surgery or 3D printing are part of our services at La Cruz Dental Clinics.

Digital Dentistry

About Us
Dental Clinic Guatemala

We are professional specialists in cosmetic and restorative dentistry with wide experience in all areas, including implants, crowns, bridges, veneers, complete and partial removable dentures, maxillofacial prosthetics and teeth whitening treatment. But you could also stop by for a check-up or teeth cleaning.

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Wonderful Service

I'm getting better everyday! I love my smile soooooo much!!! I am so glad I found you!!!

Nicole L. LaPlante
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Plan to Return !

I write this letter in hopes of dispelling the myth of substandard medical care in foreign countries. I would encourage anyone to consider a “Dental Vacation” to Guatemala. The cost savings in dental work will pay for a vacation of a lifetime. I had extensive dental work done and now enjoy being pain-free and have a healthy mouth once again.

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A must visit !

I originally found out about Dr. De la Cruz from two men that I had met in Antigua Guatemala. Each had had extensive dental work performed by him, and they each recommended him to me as a really good dentist, that was also a fluent English speaker. “He's the man to see”, as they put it. I was impressed by the modernity of his office, his professional style and ease of communication.

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The Best Price

I sure was surprised. When all work had been completed, I compared Dr. de la Cruz' cost for similar procedures “back home”. The difference was impressive - less than half the typical California prices. I could easily have paid for my trip to Guatemala with the difference, and still come home financially ahead. And, more importantly, I believe the service and skill I experienced with Dr. de la Cruz was considerably better.


Explore the World of Professional Medical & Dental Tourism!

According to the National Coalition on Health Care, more than 750,000 Americans traveled abroad to receive medical and dental work in 2016.

With soaring health care costs and long waits for dental medical procedures, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find professional quality and affordable treatment. Whether you want cosmetic dentistry or teeth whitening for instance, you might have to dig deep into your pocket or wait for months before receiving the dental care that you require and deserve.

According to Forbes

Medical Tourism Gets a Facelift... and Perhaps a Pacemaker

Medical Tourism is not a new phenomenon, but it is taking on a completely different persona to what was earlier envisaged. Many healthcare systems – in the U.S., U.K. and Germany – are undergoing significant challenges: waiting lists, shifting priorities for healthcare, tightened eligibility criteria, etc. Today, with the globalization of information and the empowerment of the consumer, medical tourism involves individuals acting as a consumer, making their own decisions regarding their health needs, deciphering how they can best be treated, and then finding the most appropriate provider.

According to ABC NEWS

As More Americans Have Surgeries Overseas, US Companies Consider 'Medical Tourism' a Health Care Option

Guion and Harwell work for HSM, a furniture and auto parts manufacturer in western North Carolina. The company gave Guion a choice for this surgery: Pay a co-pay in the U.S. or outsource the procedure abroad for free. "Nothing out of my pocket," Guion said.. She and Harwell are among a growing wave of Americans frustrated by the rising costs of the U.S. health care system and heading abroad for medical procedures. Nearly one million Americans go overseas for procedures every year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Huffington Post

Medical Tourism: Why More Boomers Are Going Abroad For Treatment

... Once only something done by the incredibly wealthy, medical tourism is "really turning into something people understand," said Josef Woodman, CEO of Patients Beyond Borders, which produces guidebooks on medical travel. The organization estimates that in 2012, 600,000 people will travel abroad for treatment -- a number anticipated to grow 15 to 20 percent annually as boomers age....

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This city is perhaps one of the most popular travel destinations in central america, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979, it is a "must visit" spot for all travelers to Guatemala.


Antigua Guatemala

This colonial city is the most popular and visited touristic spot in the Guatemala, it is a World Heritage site by UNESCO since 1979. Clinic: a Antigua Guatemala, 3a Avenida Norte # 11 "A" Phone #: +(502) 7832-0125 & 7888-4688

Zona Empresarial Pradera

Located just 5 minutes away from Guatemala City International Airport, as well as US Embassy. Located in one of the prestigious areas in the city. Clinic: Zone Pradera : Empresarial Zona Pradera Zona 10, torre 1, of 10-07. Carretera al Salvador, Guatemala. Phone #: +(502) 2261-6875

Condado Concepcion

K 15.5 La plaza concepción Oficina 3-G, nivel 3. Condado Concepción Santa Catarina Pinula. Phone #: +(502) 6645-5930 & 6645-9059

Clinic Phone Numbers

La Antigua Clinic: (502) 7832-0125 & 7882-4688
Zone Pradera Clinic: (502) 2261-6875 & (502) 2219-2671
Concado Concepción: (502) 6645-9059 & 6645-5930

Clinic Phone Numbers

La Antigua Guatemala Clinic: (502) 7832-0125 & 7882-4688
Zona Empresarial Pradera Clinic: (502) 2261-6875 & (502) 2219-2671
Condado Concepción: (502) 6645-9059 & 6645-5930