Dental Services

in Guatemala City and Antigua Guatemala Clinics

Our Dental Specialties

Our Dental Specialties are recognized to protect the public, nurture the art and science of dentistry, and improve the quality of care. It is our belief at 'Clinicas de La Cruz' that the needs of the public are best served if the profession is oriented primarily to general practice. Specialties are recognized in those areas where advanced knowledge and skills are essential to maintain or restore oral health.

Dental Clinic Services

  • Cosmetic dentistry: All ceramic Zirconia crowns, veneers, Laser teeth whitening
  • Missing teeth: Crown and bridges, complete and partial dentures and dental implants
  • Root canal therapies
  • Minor oral Surgery: Wisdom teeth
  • Electric and neumatic hand pieces
  • 1 hour Laser Bleaching
  • Prophiflex Cleanings
  • (Baking soda waterspray system)
  • Personalized attention

Dental Services for Tourism

Broadly speaking, dental tourism is the practice of going abroad for dental health care. As a general way of life, dental tourism dates back to the earliest days of civilization when patients would travel far and wide in search of medical expertise and counseling. As an industry, however, it is only a few decades old. Globalization and mass communication have helped many developing countries compete in the wider world of dental health care. Due to lower labor costs, more flexible malpractice laws, and heavy investing, certain medical tourism destinations have emerged as leaders in affordable dental health.


Educational Disabilities and Psychology


Audiblox is a unique developmental program, aimed at the inculcation of basic skills, which are necessary for school entry, for sustained achievement at school, and to overcome learning disabilities.


Clinic Phone Numbers

La Antigua Clinic: (502) 7832-0125 & 7882-4688
Zone Pradera Clinic: (502) 2261-6875 & (502) 2219-2671
Concado Concepción: (502) 6645-9059 & 6645-5930

Clinic Phone Numbers

La Antigua Guatemala Clinic: (502) 7832-0125 & 7882-4688
Zona Empresarial Pradera Clinic: (502) 2261-6875 & (502) 2219-2671
Condado Concepción: (502) 6645-9059 & 6645-5930