Digital Dentistry

in Guatemala

About Digital Dentistry at Clinicas de La Cruz

At Clinicas De La Cruz, we have made available to our patients the advantages of innovative digitalization technologies in dentistry.

Digital Dentistry is an area of modern Dentistry that uses new innovative digitization technologies, together with construction systems for new dental pieces and prosthetics. Our goal is to perform in a much more efficient, precise and fast way the treatments that many still perform in a traditional way and that can result in errors, future problems or discomfort for patients.

In our dental clinics, we have made digitalization in treatments a daily reality, carrying out practically all the treatment through digital processes, from the moment our patient enters the clinic, until the final prosthesis is placed, this innovative approach allows greater precision in prosthesis fitting and elimination or reduction of human error. It ranges from taking intraoral impressions and digital X-rays and / or photographs, to treatment planning, design and fabrication of dental splints and prostheses.

Advantages of Digital Dentistry

  • Better and faster diagnosis
  • Pretreatment simulation
  • Greater comfort for the patient
  • Greater precision

In some cases, indirect restorations can be placed in the same visit or provisional prostheses immediately after implant surgery, with digital processes human errors in taking impressions are ruled out, since taking impressions with trays for implantation are eliminated. final manufacture.

Applications of Digital Dentistry

  • Digital Implantology
  • Digital Dental Prosthesis
  • Digital Orthodontics
  • Digital Dental Aesthetics

Intraoral scanning avoids the use of cumbersome silicone or alginate trays for taking measurements. We use software for treatment planning, especially for the application of implant and multidisciplinary surgeries. Digital fabrication is using computer aided carving machines or 3D printers.

Dental Aesthetics is Important

Digital technology allows a 3D simulation to be carried out that allows visualizing the possibilities to improve the patient's smile from the golden proportions. During this process, the patient can make the modifications, allowing them to get a little more involved in the design of their smile and in the final result.

This represents a great solution to the restlessness and sometimes the anxiety that some patients share regarding the final result, since we can largely preview the final appearance, thus meeting expectations. These aspects, among many others, are part of what is currently called "Emotional Dentistry."

Diagnosis and Implantology

With the realization of a computerized digital analysis, it allows a much more precise study of the presence of cavities, and of any type of lesions in the bone and in the roots of the teeth. We study the case of each of our patients in a personalized way and we will decide where we will place the teeth. Based on this, we will decide how many implants are necessary, and what is their ideal position and angulation for the design of your smile. Computer-guided surgery helps increase the precision of implant placement based on the patient's anatomy.

Dental prosthetics with digital dentistry

Measurements are taken with an oral scanner that allows us to replicate the patient's mouth in three dimensions with great accuracy. From here, we design the teeth with a computer, which allows us to generate a file with that design, which we share with our patients, facilitating doctor-patient communication that was not possible before. Thanks to monolithic materials such as Zirconium, we can manufacture teeth in a single material. The handcrafted part does not have as much presence, although it is still necessary to manually make up the zirconia to replicate the patient's anatomy.

Clinic Phone Numbers

La Antigua Clinic: (502) 7832-0125 & 7882-4688
Zone Pradera Clinic: (502) 2261-6875 & (502) 2219-2671
Concado Concepción: (502) 6645-9059 & 6645-5930

Clinic Phone Numbers

La Antigua Guatemala Clinic: (502) 7832-0125 & 7882-4688
Zona Empresarial Pradera Clinic: (502) 2261-6875 & (502) 2219-2671
Condado Concepción: (502) 6645-9059 & 6645-5930