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We appreciate sharing your questions and concerns. Please fill out the form to get in contact with us and we will do our best to assist you the most profesional way possible.

Phone Numers

You may also feel free to give us a call to any of our clinics. However, for English speakers only, we would recomment using the 'inquiry form' instead.

Guatemala City Clinics:

zone Pradera (502) 2261-6875

Condado Concepcion (502) 6637-0234 & 6637-0235

Antigua Guatemala:

(502) 7832-0125 & 7888-4688

Clinic Phone Numbers

La Antigua Clinic: (502) 7832-0125 & 7888-4688
Zone Pradera Clinic: (502) 2261-6875
Carretera a El Salvador: (502) 6637-0234 & 6637-0235

Clinic Phone Numbers

La Antigua Guatemala Clinic: (502) 7832-0125 & 7888-4688
Zona Empresarial Pradera Clinic: (502) 2261-6875
Condado Concepción: (502) 6637-0234 & 6637-0235