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Dental and Medical Tourism

Broadly speaking, dental tourism is the practice of going abroad for dental health care. As a general way of life, dental tourism dates back to the earliest days of civilization when patients would travel far and wide in search of medical expertise and counseling. As an industry, however, it is only a few decades old. Globalization and mass communication have helped many developing countries compete in the wider world of dental health care. Due to lower labor costs, more flexible malpractice laws, and heavy investing, certain medical tourism destinations have emerged as leaders in affordable dental health.

Antigua Guatemala is one of the most visited cities in Latin America

There are several reasons why Dental Tourism is much affordable (some hotly debated) dental tourism destinations are often cheaper than what you would find in your home country. Lower labor costs help explain why dental tourism procedures are cheaper. Hourly wages are usually lower than they are in countries like the United States, England, or Japan. What’s more, medical tourism destinations don’t always have organized labor unions that control the salary requirements of health care professions.

Dental Care simply doesn’t have to be that expensive. Dental tourism countries aren’t necessarily more affordable. It’s just that many developed countries make dental care unreasonably expensive. Perhaps a better question is, why is the cost of dental in my country so high? Unlike other typical Industries, in medical Industry, it's not merely Machines or Technologies that matter, a lot depends on the skill and clinical judgments of the doctors. Medical tourism is a term that has risen from the rapid growth of the industry where people from all around the world are traveling to other countries to obtain medical, dental, and surgical care while at the same time touring, vacationing, and fully experiencing the attractions of the countries that they are visiting. Though there are other countries too where medical tourism is already being actively promoted, Guatemala is well know as a great tourist destination and it is most preferred. Long recognized for its cultural and scenic beauty, Guatemala is now being put up on international map as a heaven for those seeking quality and affordable healthcare. Antigua Guatemala is perhaps the most visite spot in Guatemala, there are many spanish schools in Antigua Guatemala, as well as cultural activities, yoga and retreat center in Antigua Guatemala, and wonderful 5 star hotels and guestshouses in Antigua Guatemala, making it a great destination.

The Reasons are:

This avoids the problems of waiting lists as seen in American or European hospitals. In addition the one-to -one attention, shown in Guatemalan Clinics, availability of professionally trained personal nurses and 24 hour servants are the unimaginable luxuries for people coming from developed countries. Treatment in Guatemala is Cost effective and very efficient. This is a major factor that attracts medical tourist from all around the globe particularly in the field of dentistry. Guatemalan doctors and hospitals are globally known for their kindness and personal care towards their patients. Language problem poses no major hurdle as we speak and understand 'English'.

It is said that "Faith is the best healer." The strong confidence people have in Indian Medical Systems and Practices attracts them to Guatemala. Leisure Tourism is already very much in demand in Guatemala as the country offers diverse cultural and scenic beauty. Guatemala has almost all sorts of destinations like high mountains, Mayan history, scenic beaches, historical monuments and colonial cities like Antigua Guatemala. Known for its hospitality for tourists, the county has opened doors to welcome with the same hospitality the medical patients.

Antigua Guatemala colonial city is a safe destination for travel and medical tourism

Cost is obviously the most conspicuous advantage of medical tourism, but it’s not the only one. Wait times are typically much shorter than what you’ll find back home. This is especially true if you come to Antigua Guatemala. The average wait time at our clinic for example, is less than 20 minutes. And that’s to see a specialist.

The very act of going abroad is often reward enough for many travelers. They fly to Antigua Guatemala for dental work, but they spend the remainder of their time shopping, sightseeing, and trying out new experiences by visiting some other destinations in Guatemala.

Dental tourism is the practice of traveling to another country in order to receive Dental Treatment attention, be it teeth whitening, cosmetic surgery or just a dental check. Depending on the treatment you need, a dental tourism vacation can cost 50%, 30%, or even 20% of what you would pay at home. Even when you factor in air fare, hotels, travel insurance, car rentals, shopping, and dining, many dental vacations are substantially more affordable than domestic health care is. Besides, remember that Antigua Guatemala is considered one of the ten best destinations to travel around the world.

Dental Health care costs are constantly on the rise in countless countries. In the US alone, it is already a multi-billion dollar industry that shows no sign of stopping (worldwide it is over $3 trillion US). But why pay exorbitant prices at home when you can travel abroad and receive the same treatment (if not better) from a fully certified dental clinic facility for a fraction of the price? Until countries like the US, Japan, and France implement aggressive strategies to lower prices and reduce waiting times, it is likely that the global dental tourism industry will continue to flourish.

The physicians of Clínica De La Cruz are devoted to the comfort and long-term health of all of our patients, so we understand the special attention required by patients from other countries. Therefore, we are pleased to offer our international guests the services of the only professional medical tourism facilitator in Guatemala. We depend on Guatemala Medical Travel to oversee all the arrangements and procedures that will ensure stress-free surgeries and provide a satisfying medical experience.

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La Antigua Clinic: (502) 7832-0125 & 7882-4688
Zone Pradera Clinic: (502) 2261-6875 & (502) 2219-2671
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Clinic Phone Numbers

La Antigua Guatemala Clinic: (502) 7832-0125 & 7882-4688
Zona Empresarial Pradera Clinic: (502) 2261-6875 & (502) 2219-2671
Condado Concepción: (502) 6645-9059 & 6645-5930